Things I learned this week

I meant to blog from Vegas, but I was too busy working during the day and too busy doing other things at night. That, and at night, Internet was not available – I refused to pay $12.99 a day.

So here’s everything summed up in one entry.

— Journalism is not dead (not that I thought that, but it was nice to hear professionals say that).
— Journalists love to drink and schmooze.
— Rob Curley is a genius for a reason – and absolutely funny too.
— Ethics online are much more complicated than you’d think.
— There are people out there who are looking to hire.
— Broadcast kids don’t get enough credit.
— Arguing with the strip club manager won’t do you any good.
— There are boys with manners out there.

— Drunken text messages are bad.
— Even people in newsrooms don’t give out phone numbers (which is incredibly stupid).
— It takes 30 seconds to run from one end of the Red Rock hotel hallways to the other.
— I’m never going to be an organized person.
— It’s absolutely amazing how singing in the shower just reverbrates off the wall.
— Truth or dare is much more interesting when you’re not in middle school.
— You’ll always love your high school friends, but two years brings a lot of change.
— The Sagebrush isn’t the most important thing in the world, even though it feels like it some times.
— I’m not a terrible ballroom dancer after all, but I’ve got to start working on the technique.
— Don’t kiss and tell.
— Do not under any circumstance ever fly hungover anywhere.
— Lock the door when you plan on lying around in your underwear because the maid will walk in.
— Soaking in the bathtub while watching Sex and the City is really relaxing.
— McCarran has the biggest and most efficient car rental building I’ve ever seen.
— The journalism world is tiny, tiny, tiny.
— The view of the Strip is better than actually going down it (from my POV, anyway).
— I’m not ever going to be the chaser.
— I’m ready for something new.
— I also need to learn how to relax more.
— Someone has got to figure out a business model that doesn’t include a joint operating agreement so online journalism can take off.
— Always print out the business cards, no matter how broke you are.
— Always get the business card.
— Work hard, because it’ll somehow pay off in the end (whether it’s a scholarship, internship information or your editor saying your a “superintern” to other editors)
— Plan on owning a king sized bed someday. It’s just that nice.
— Twitter is awesome, and there are many people who agree with that statement.
— Don’t suggest early meetings if you don’t have to.
— Stay up-to-date on Web site coverage, no matter what it is.


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