Things about Jessica’s life that make it like a romantic comedy sans romance

– Living in non-air conditioned house with three other girls
– Token gay friend (the Will to my Grace)
– Token best friend who joins you for ice cream and rants at 3 a.m.
– Other token best friend that you ponder about life with over the phone
– Wishing for my own Mr. Darcy while watching several different versions of Pride and Prejudice
– Working two jobs/being a workaholic who’s too busy for romance anyway
– Being hit on at the place where you get your oil changed
– Falling for guys who: string you along for a while, aren’t as smart as you once thought, refuse to grow up, don’t realize you’re interested/don’t live near you anyway so it’d never work out, are gay
– Not realizing what you had until it was long gone and someone else’s
– Working in the media field (c’mon, everyone in those movies are journalists or PR flacks or advertisers, and I have no idea why)
– Crazy mother
– Understanding father who you talk to for hours unless you’re mad at each other
– Sibling who doesn’t get it because he’s younger but he listens anyway
– Coffee addictions (mainly Starbucks)
– Random happenings that include breaking into one’s own house, showing up at the wrong karaoke bar, reading in the park and realizing you’re surrounded by couples
– Shoes and shopping
– Completely OCD about future, even though I know I can’t control it
– Preferring Macs to PCs
– Backup life plans include teaching or some sort of venture into the performing arts

*list will be updated as more reasons pop up throughout the day


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