Stuff to do by 2012.

1) Learn Spanish.
2) Learn how to play the piano (better).
3) Write a novel.
4) Be in two places at once.
5) Drive cross country.
6) Build something.
7) Create a puzzle (like, a lot of pieces).
8) Audition for Broadway.
9) Learn how to play the guitar.
10) Go to Europe for a summer.
11) Go on a cruise.
12) Stand another a waterfall.
13) Go bungee jumping.
14) Go sky diving.
15) Go parasailing.
16) Volunteer somewhere.
17) Climb a mountain.
18) Learn how to snowboard.
19) Learn how to ski.
20) Build a house.
21) Go to England and kiss one of the guards in front of Buckingham Palace (at least pretend to for funny picture).
22) Go to Canada.
23) Go horseback riding.
24) Go to Alaska and meet an Eskimo.
25) Go to Hawaii and lei’d.
26) Graduate from college.
27) Learn how to drive a stick shift.
28) Do the D-Day kiss in Times Square.
29) Go to the Strip on New Year’s.
30) Get a tattoo.
31) Sing at a wedding.
32) Get published in a magazine.
33) Ride in a gondola.
34) Drink coffee in the original Starbucks.
35) Spend a week in Disneyworld.
36) Go to the top of the Empire State Building.

Above list was compiled the week my grandmother died, when I had nothing else to do in the house but wait and wait and wait. I figure, life is too short, so do what you can now.


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