Writing V.

Tornado warning lifted; severe storm warnings remain in effect
Reno army captain told to shut down blog in Iraq
Army policy change shrunk blog offerings
Hazy skies continue through weekend
Western art auction to fetch millions
Teen prepares for medical career

Look for a couple of McCain stories later. Protesters and crowd reaction (color, basically). Met the guy who’s running against Harry Reid for his Congressional seat (Reid’s the Senate majority leader, if you didn’t know). Chatted with Calvert about potential story ideas (music they play during events – lots of Garth Brooks) and how one of our friends has turned to the Dark Side (public relations).

While other people’s internships are wrapping up, mine is going until Aug. 22. Haven’t started the countdown yet – and besides, I’ll probably stay on as a part-time staffer anyway. Knock on wood though – I don’t want to jinx it.

The Sagebrush actually starts back up during my last week here. So I’m calling it “the longest week of my life.” Last time that happened was in October, when half the staff went to Washington D.C. during Homecoming Week, and I was still in Reno, covering a student death and writing a really long story on binge drinking.

I’ll let you know which one is worse.


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