Evaluation of week two.

It was honestly a lot like week one.

I don’t think I was much busier than last week, though. I think I was actually less busy this week. I really need to come up with some enterprise stories to work on, because much as I love daily stuff, it only keeps me busy for so long.

This week’s observation:

They’re trying to put more emphasis on the Web. What I find fascinating is that a lot of them don’t know how to post updates, or put together galleries or even upload photos from a digital camera. Granted, I am not an expert on any of those things, but I certainly could do it if I had to.

It’s just kind of interesting, watching old-time journalism encounter new journalism, right before my eyes. The editor will know what’s wrong with this structure grammatically, or how it can be tweaked to sound better. But the younger reporter knows how to put the emphasis in their blog, or how to post the update as soon as it’s edited.

I have to give them credit for trying. I don’t think the newspaper I did my last internship at has a Web site yet.

I haven’t figured out who I need to talk to to get more involved with Web stuff. That’s another goal for next week.

I feel like I need to keep talking myself into challenging myself. Because otherwise, how am I supposed to learn?


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