Another interesting day (so far)

I got up early to drag myself on time to the John McCain event. And then when I got there, I realized that I had somehow left the point-and-shoot camera I was handed somewhere. I drove myself back home and searched for a bit before giving up and grabbing my own camera for the mugshots.

I then got back to the event, where I proceeded to run into a bunch of people I know and interviewed random people in the crowd for my 200-word vignettes. I called in online updates, I sat through McCain’s speech – very similar to the one he gave about a year ago that I also covered – and then interviewed more people.

I’ve been back for about two hours now, and I’m done with my vignettes. I sent the story on to editing, I uploaded and e-mailed the photos I took, and now I’m once again sitting here at my desk – mostly because anyone who I would for what else to do is currently in a news meeting.

I still don’t know how to access my RGJ e-mail.

On a random but nice note – the senior news editor complimented my house story. He said it was very readable. I guess that’s a good thing.

And there are positive comments on the story too.

Another random note – I think I’ve heard the words “Sex and the City” more times in this newsroom than I have anywhere else so far.


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