The places I want to live…

Are expensive.
Very expensive.
Ridiculously expensive.
And very much out of the price range for a girl who’s going to be working in the journalism field, most likely in newspapers.

I was reading this story from Forbes, listing the top 10 most expensive places for renters. They are:

1) New York ($2,922 median price)
2) San Francisco ($1,904)
3) Boston ($1,658)
4) San Jose ($1,612)
5) L.A. ($1,452)
6) San Diego ($1,304)
7) Washington ($1,302)
8) Miami ($1,080)
9) Philadelphia ($1,014)
10) Chicago ($1,010)

And the prices will keep going up.

I am under no delusion that I am going to end up in any of these places right out of college. But still, even if I do get there someday, there’s still the question…why does living have to be so expensive?

Maybe I’ll just go the “marry rich” route. Or sell (what’s left of) my soul and go into advertising.


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