4 years.

I could easily graduate in that much time (total, not four years from today).

I just spent the last hour with a course catalog, my DARS report and a Word document, figuring out what classes I would have to take each semester if I want to graduate in 2010.

I could also do it without excruciating torture.

The question is…do I want to do that?

Part of me says yes, I want to finish up in four years and then move on. But another part reasons that college only lasts for so long, so I should enjoy it while I can.

I still want to study abroad, and see all these places that I might not get to see at any other time in my life.

I still want to develop my skills as a journalist, and continue working for a college newspaper, where the media groups don’t control the content just yet.

I want so many things…and the only thing holding me back is myself. I admit it.

It’s about priorities…what’s important to me and what standards I hold myself to.

I don’t have an answer just yet. I don’t know when I will.


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