Why I need to marry someone like my dad.

So I’m home in Las Vegas to cover the Board of Regents meeting, and I’ve been home for about four hours.

And after sitting around and talking with my dad for a while, I realized (like usual) that my dad is amazing, and that I am very lucky to have him for a father.

I need someone like my dad for a billion different reasons. And because lists seem to be my thing lately, here are a few:

– I am like my mother, and only someone with my dad’s temperament could possibly handle being married to me.
– My dad is a great listener.
– He is also very forthcoming with problems. He doesn’t hide what’s wrong.
– He tells stories.
– He likes a good romantic comedy.
– He’s a complete family guy (der).
– And while he’s not necessarily a romantic, my mom’s gotten roses for Christmas, Valentine’s, her birthday and Mother’s Day for years.
– My dad used to be the typical guy. My dad was the frat boy who partied all the time. He shows that men can change and mature. They really can. He also tells me that all men are assholes, even the nice ones, no matter what I think.

So in short, I love my dad. I hope that I’ll find someone like him.


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