Mine is dead at the moment.

And I have no idea why. It just fell apart. Literally. The button popped out, the screen is barely attached…

I hate flip phones, because they have nothing but a pain in the ass since I’ve turned 16.

This is the timeline of my life in cell phone years:

2002 – Get a cell for the first time. One of those really fat Nokias where you interchange the cover. This phone lasts me until I’m 16.
August 2004 – Finally get a new phone when I switch providers from AT&T to Sprint.
April 2005 – This phone dies because I drop it in the ocean. Yes, I dropped my cell phone in the Atlantic Ocean.
November 2005 – The phone falls out of my pocket while I’m dancing, and the screen cracks, but the phone still works. I use this phone until Christmas, and call a variety of the wrong people because I can’t see who I’m calling.
January 2006 – New phone. Because the previous model was discontinued, I get the latest version.
August 2006 – Another new phone because my contract with Sprint ended, and I switched to T-Mobile because of the free long distance.
May 2007 – Because the phone started to slowly die over the second semester of my freshman year, I went home and got yet another cell phone – the phone that decided to die this morning.

I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to phones.

And sadly, I depend on my phones so much that despite the crappiness of the situation, I need to get a new one as soon as possible.

It’s one of those days where I completely hate technology.


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