These are the details of my life right now:

– I do not sleep enough.
– I live at the Sagebrush office and spend more time there than I do in the room that I pay to live in or with people used to see me on a regular basis.
– I have yet to write the essay that will decide whether I become a journalism major or not.
– Only God knows why I am not on the mandatory list for attending my J203 lectures.
– I am slowly losing bits of my soul as this year goes on and I become more bitter.
– I think more about newspapers than I do about most of the other aspects of my life.
– I am going to Italy next summer to have a break from journalism and to make sure that this is REALLY what I want to do with my life. I’m pretty sure it is, but I think I need a three-month break from it to make sure.
– I am probably not going to graduate in four years.
– I am not happy.
– I am horrible at parking cars.
– I still need to do laundry.
– I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but at the same time, I do.
– I am officially a workaholic, and yet my shit still doesn’t get done on time.
– I skipped going to the homecoming game for no good reason.
– I drink too much coffee.
– I untagged all the photos of myself on Facebook from a certain party.
– I regret my last kiss, mostly because it was definitely not worth it.
– I need to buy my dad a birthday present.
– I need to get out more.
– I need to figure out how to make things better.
– I need to stop making excuses.
– And most importantly, I need to stop sucking. Pronto.

I’m just going to go to bed. I’m going to go to bed, and hopefully, not dream about newspapers.


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