Last week.

I am this close to being done. Five days if you include today.

I’m excited to be done. I’m excited for a vacation. I’m excited to wear jeans and flip flops more often again.

I’m also sad because I like the people I’ve met here and I like the experiences I’ve gone through. I like hanging with the other intern and constantly talking to an editor ’cause he sits next to me and making jokes with the other reporters around me. I like having a nice desk and a computer that actually works and doesn’t crash/slow down all the time. I like having my own direct line.

But I suppose this will all come back soon enough. Probably not in this office and not with these people, but this atmosphere.

And until then, I’ll have a very…lively…bunch to keep me entertained (and pissed off, laughing, etc.).

Sidenote: I finally saw Hairspray. It made me happy, I was dancing in my seat. Officially have a celeb crush on the guy that plays Link Larkin. Sad, I know.

Other note: I have no idea what is going to become of this blog when summer is over. I may be switching my blogging over to a different site.


One thought on “Last week.

  1. amy z. says:

    you’ll love working back at the sagebrush, and you know it.

    glad you enjoyed hairspray!

    tomorrow!!! i’ll be in vegas tomorrow!!!

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