More journalism talk.

A continuation from my last post about people talking on the Facebook wall about journalism’s future.

Post 4:
Just read robert’s post. Thanks for saying we’re all young and lovely….appreciate it mate, but i’m in my 40s and worked all over the damn shop for the past 25 years. But i’ll take the young and lovely.

As for “journalism is dead, long live journalism”…. crickey, let’s all do the socrates and pass me the freaking hemlock. i’m with the majority on this one–journalism like anything worth doing right must and will evolve. Not to offend any baptists in the crowd, but it’s called evolution, baby. The key is making sure that we, as journos, kick the thing in the right direction–a little mix of information and entertainment with a good helping of skepticism and grunt.

Post 5:
Change or die. It really is that simple. We are changing, not dying. Honestly, if you think that this biz is at death’s door, then move on because you’re not doing it any good; you’re dragging it down with you. I will not allow myself to believe, not even for one second, that I’m the pallbearer of an industry.

Post 6:
People will always want to know what is happening in the world or locally. How they receive that will change as technology evolves. But as a member of the British press I am proud to say that we are very much alive and well.

If anything the changes currently underway in the media will create further opportunities for us all. It’s going to be hard, but if you enjoy the job then it’s worth sticking around.


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