Discussions on Facebook walls.

Post 1:
Wow, I just got through the “A’s” on the list and you’re all young and attractive… Wait, this is for young people and young journalists. Two-thirds of you will flame out in the next two years. The ones that succeed will leave the biz within 5 to 10 years because journalism is dying. If you stay in media, you will be generating content to amuse the masses, not inform them. As our society collapses, people will tire of bummer news. They will be in full denial and will only buy or view what tickles them. And with that, I wish you all the best!

Post 2:
Hey Robert, I don’t think journalism is dying – but it is evolving. Yes, large dailies are having major issues and they need to make changes – they need to offer people more than just yesterday’s news. Newspaper journalists need to start looking for tomorrow’s story, to keep things fresh. More in depth, researched pieces about where society is headed (I’m not talking about advancers for the upcoming ice cream festival either).
Small town papers are not in the same spot, because people will always buy them because little Johnny’s home run is on the sports page. But they too have to evolve.
We have 24-hour news stations – it will be interesting to see where that goes in the next few years.
I don’t think people only want things to amuse themselves (although that never hurts) – in fact, I’d say people are interested in the hard news and want to be informed.
Journalism is changing but I don’t think it’s dying. The medium of newspapers might be in trouble though.

Post 3:
I completely agree with Kate. Journalism is going through an evolution right now, just as it did when radio and television arrived. It goes too far to say it’s dying.
The online medium of journalism is just another way for the news to get out there in a different form. Rather than shunning that possibility, as I’ve seen many older journalists do, it needs to be embraced. The interactivity lets us use not just words, but images and sounds through photos, videos, podcasts. The story still needs to be told – it’s just going to be done in a slightly different way. It’s an exciting advent that I look forward to working with.
Also, I intern for a group of weekly community newspapers right now, and their circulation has actually gone up in recent years. So newspapers aren’t dying – they just need to learn how to adapt their content to fit their particular audience.
And with that, I am going back to writing my story and finishing my briefs – something I plan on doing for years to come.

I’m post 3, in case you were wondering or hadn’t figured it out. These are pulled from the Trust me. I’m a journalist Facebook group’s wall.



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