Briefs and other revelations.

I can’t wait until school starts again, when the max amount of briefs I write will be four briefs a week, maybe 15 inches long at most.

Until then, it’s been more like 80 inches each week because of the various editions.

At least I’m getting better at writing tighter and finding the most important information in the five billion press releases I read each week.


Every time I am all set to go, “I hate doing this,” I realize how everything they have me do is to help me get better. Yes, I get headaches from talking to the copy editor. Yes, I am tired of writing briefs nearly every single day.

But the copy editor forces me to double check what I do, learn from my mistakes and get better at AP style.

The briefs do exactly what I said earlier, and they also make me learn how to deal with PR people and understand why length is so important.

So with that nice epiphany, I am not going to complain. I am just going to go back writing my 80 inches of briefs and remind myself that it does matter after all.

Random note: The 2007 AP stylebooks have pretty covers. I want one, but it doesn’t make any sense to buy another one when I already have three (2002, 2004 and 2006). I am such a nerd.


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