Sagebrush = Sex and the City

At least, according to one columnist from the University of Utah, anyway.

Who would have thought?

I randomly found this column on UNR newspapers printed in the Daily Utah Chronicle months ago (so this is dated, but bear with me).

I read two issues of The Sagebrush and was surprised to see that it makes Salt Lake City Weekly look like The Church News. No doubt the animosity is mutual.


If you were a student in Reno, which paper would you read: Sex and the City, Savage Nation or ObamaRama? The campus has three student papers and absolutely nothing for moderates to read.

I am sure you can figure out on your own who “Savage Nation” and “ObamaRama” are referring to.

I would never consider the Sagebrush “racy.” Just college material. Sometimes, too boring for students to bother reading, truth be told.

My bet is he probably stumbled across the sex column and Booze Hounds.

He also referenced the time Michael Moore came to campus (before my time) and the creation of the Pack Patriot and Nevada Blue.

So his conclusion?

The apathy of U students now gives me hope for the future. I don’t want to live in a country where everyone believes his or her political opponents aren’t worth working with. I don’t want to attend a campus where everyone is screaming at everyone else — even if it is on the print-soaked rags I love so much.

His embrace of apathy makes me shake my head at his apparent ignorance. Only the people who are willing to take a stand and state their opinions – liberal, conservative, moderate, whatever – are going to make any difference in this world.

Best to realize that in college, not when you’re sitting at your desk job at the age of 45, wondering what the hell happened to your life.

For the rest of the article, click here.


2 thoughts on “Sagebrush = Sex and the City

  1. MikeMan says:

    Yah I remember reading that guy, he was a fuck up and that’s 4 years old I think (by now anyway). And he attacks us as if we care and more importantly as if his readers care – which they don’t. The last thing people like to hear about is other newspapers, they hardly tolerate the one in their hands.

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