Traveling abroad.

So while I was driving around with my mother last night, she asked me why on earth would I want to go to Italy and England next summer, since that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Wouldn’t it be expensive? Do I have to do it next year? Couldn’t I just wait?

And so, I explained to her my reasoning in all of this. She seemed surprised that I had this logical thought process behind it all. You’d think my own mother would know me better.

Anyway, I told her that yeah, it would be too expensive. I’d have to take out loans and hope I got scholarships to help pay for it. But to me, it’d be worth it.

There’s this quote that I remember…”Frugality has its own costs, some of which last a lifetime.” I don’t want to look back and wonder and regret.

If I was to put it off next year, then I’d end up making an excuse and putting it off for another year…and another year…and then I’ll have lost the opportunity, because I’ll graduate…get a steady job…get married…have kids…

I’d like to have some other experiences before all of that happens.

I was thinking about just doing another internship next summer. But then I realized that I’ll be working for the rest of my life. That’s the best way I can explain it.

I’ll always be working, but I won’t always have the chance to go out of the country.

So yeah, instead of working next summer to advance my career and save money for my poor future, I’ll be going abroad, spending thousands of dollars I don’t have.

And it’ll be worth every dime and all the time in the world.


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