What I love.

I need to keep reminding myself that I have a life.

I need to remember everything I love, and I need to remember to let work be and to not let it consume me.

I love journalism, but it cannot just be about journalism.

What I love besides journalism and anything journalism related:
-musical theater
-reading novels
-talking and hanging out with friends
-writing (songs, stories, etc.)
-roller blading
-ice skating
-watching television
-watching sports
-family time
-reading magazines

I have so much I want to do with my life. I do have a life plan, I just worry that sometimes it’s too restrictive. I think about internships for next summer, and then I have to remind myself that I’m not doing an internship next summer.

I’m going abroad next year and I cannot reason myself out of it…and funnily enough, I have to reason with myself to do that. I will be working for the rest of my life anyway, and if I want to leave the country, now’s as good a time as ever.

And then there’s music. My biggest excuse is, “I don’t have time for it.”

But I do. I just have to make time for it. I may have to force myself to sit down at a piano and learn music and do my vocal exercises. But in the end, I think it’s worth it. I really do, even if it feels like torture sometimes. To me, everything worthwhile feels like torture sometimes. That includes journalism, Italian, music, learning…everything.

I can’t just be an observer of life.

I need to be a part of it.


One thought on “What I love.

  1. melodymae says:

    “I can’t just be an observer of life.

    I need to be a part of it.”

    I really like that line because I have to remind myself the same thing constantly.

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