Moving forward technologically.

This link will now allow people to subscribe to online updates of the Greenspun publications.

They’re a little behind on the times…okay, a whole lot more than a little…but you give them credit for trying.

I’ve heard discussions of a Web site from a few of the editors…the new Summerlin managing editor used the phrase “when we have the Web sites up and running” and the old Summerlin manager laughed at him and said, “Knock on wood.”

It’s just odd, because at the Sagebrush, we’re talking about all the interactive multimedia features we’re going to have on the site rather than just putting everything from the paper product on the site, and here, the idea of just having content on the Web is just that – an idea.

The contrast between the two publications is interesting, especially considering that we’re the college newspaper and they’re the professional one. And if I had more time, I would sit here and compare the two more in-depthly. Is in-depthly a word? Oh well.

I think if they got around to hiring a Web team, then they would be just fine. However, I know that they’re just hoping to keep staff numbers up too…so for anyone who knows someone looking for another journalism job, let me know, I get an e-mail every other day about positions that are open in this company.

Anyway. I am about to spend my morning searching for briefs. Ain’t life grand?


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