"So are you a part of the Apple Poppers too?"

The new managing editor is from the Times-News, and he knows Nick and Garrett because he hired both of them. He found out I go to UNR and work for the ‘Brush too, and asked me if I knew them. He then proceeded to ask the above question (because I guess Nick put it on his resume).

I told him I just watched, and he said that it sounded like a good stress reliever.

Then he said, “That’s quite some school you all come from.” A compliment, I’m sure.

P.S. For those of you who don’t know, the Apple Poppers is a club started by the Sagebrush guys – they proceed to hit apples with golf clubs and smash them into tiny bits. It usually happens in front of the office and once on the JTSU lawn during the club fair. I tried once, but since I don’t know how to swing a golf club, the apple did not “pop” nor did it fly very far (that is why I just watch).


One thought on “"So are you a part of the Apple Poppers too?"

  1. annie says:

    When I applied for my internship to The Sun, Alex’s letter of rec told the editor that I knitted pink shawls for male staffers. I didn’t, I just always promised Marc that I would one day. I still haven’t …

    For half of my time there my editor slyly worked mentions of knitting into our conversations.

    I think apple poppers is infinitely more cool than knitting as a quirky sidenote.

    Don’t tell the boys I said that.

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