So if you’re a stupid philanthropic and educational organization and you keep the meaning of your name “secret” and you don’t have any listings for contacting local chapters because “we don’t give out names and phone numbers”, why the hell would you send out press releases to announce the good deeds you’ve done?

The one phone number I did have led to a doctor’s office answering machine. And when I called the “national chapter,” that woman went on about how I can’t be calling requesting that kind of information.

I just want to know how they picked people for their scholarships (which they spelled wrong on the press release, by the way).

I feel rather bitter this morning. They have this woman’s name in the press release, and I found her in the white pages. Should I call her? Is that too invasive?

I’m going to do the other briefs for now, and if that woman hasn’t returned my phone call by the end of it, I will just call the number I do have and ask her to put me in touch with someone. Hope she isn’t angry that I found her, like that one time I called a doctor at her house…


4 thoughts on “Okay.

  1. MikeMan says:

    What the hell? That’s retarded. Why are they so secretive, what do they do?

    And yes, call the person in the white pages, it’s totally okay. You’re a journalist and if she doesn’t like it, she should’ve gone unlisted.

    I’ve become relentless in contacting people because the story is ultimately more important than someone’s constructed idea of privacy.

    Eat their souls

  2. Anonymous says:

    well, you can tell Mike’s lost his soul completely…

    but I agree with him…if she had a problem, then she wouldn’t be listed.

    and that doctor…yeah, that was a little overboard….i was half expecting a restraining order.

    oh well.

  3. Amy Z says:

    darn it! dumb laptop….i wanted my name on that….i wanted to hit the SHIFT key, not the enter key…ugh.

    now i’m starting to do what everyone else has done with everyone else’s blog – comment more than once in a row.

    i’ve been sagebrushed.

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