I was just invited to lunch.

Too bad I’m too busy to go. I need to finish the contest entries that I have on my desk before I eat.

But still, that’s pretty nifty. I’ve been accepted by the other journalists. 🙂

And I think I almost have all of their names down now. Kirk, Kate, Jeremy, Frances, Michael, Jeff and Jenny – those are the reporters. I still don’t know the guy who sits to my left. Ray is the sports editor, and Tim (who I knew beforehand anyway), Jared, Brent and Jimmy are the sports writers. Craig, Jason and Josh are the copy editors. Then there’s another new reporter and a new copy editor whose names I don’t remember. And there’s Steve, Jean, Nick and John, the other editors.

See! I have almost the entire newsroom down.

And yes, that is how small the staff is. For a place that puts out 8 newspapers a week, I think that’s kinda crazy. Ah well. I think there’s one person on vacation, too. That’s about it.

Anyway. Finishing entries and then getting food.

Update: So it looks like I have to clarify, because Mike was confused and I don’t need anyone else being confused.

When I say they print 8 issues a week, I mean 8 different newspapers. The newspapers are weekly, you see, and they all come out to different parts of the valley. There are the Henderson area ones – Henderson Home News, Silverado News, South Valley News, Green Valley News and Boulder City News (yes, Boulder City falls into this category)- and the Summerlin area ones – Summerlin Northeast, Summerlin Southwest and West Valley.

Because they are community newspapers, they focus on all the different communities, and they only have so many reporters to do that with, obviously. A lot of the content is in all of the newspapers, but there’s a lot of original stories for each paper too.

The staff named above (and I remembered the other reporter’s name, it’s Dave) is the entire staff for all these different newspapers. I’ve also met one photographer so far (Heather, I think). Oh, and Kirk’s the arts and style editor, I believe.


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