Today’s to-do list.

Call back the Tokyopop guy who called my cell phone on the way to work.
Finish this cup of coffee.
Go through the Boulder City issues and start pulling for the contest entries.
• Start working on story that’s due on Friday (same day as the contest deadline).
• Call and e-mail the other sources for my story. Maybe I should do this before I start the story.
Get more coffee.
Search for file folders in this office.

Update: Never mind the first one, he called me a minute after I posted this. After the interview was over, I got the time old question: “So how old are you anyway?” And then, “Wow, seriously? You don’t sound that young.” And then the conversation went on, and I think he was trying to flirt with me. Men.

And I’ve already been through my first cup of coffee.

Next update: The guys behind me are having an intelligent discussion on the ending of “Heroes” and other television shows. It reminds me of Garrett and Duggie’s discussions about movies.


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