I know I shouldn’t care…

Because I am in Las Vegas, and I don’t need to be thinking about what goes on in the student government over the summer.


All I’ve wanted for the past four weeks are copies of the meeting minutes. Okay? That’s it. That was never a problem before.

And all of the sudden, I have to wait and wait and wait for a response.

Then, when I finally get a reply, I am told to go look at the meeting archive. The meeting archive doesn’t have anything before May 9 because something funny happened to it, and it wasn’t up when I needed it on May 7 (I remember these kinds of things). So when I sent an e-mail back saying that the archives aren’t up, the response I got was that I need to go to accounting to get a copy, and the contact information was on the Web site.

I look it up on the Web site. There is NO NUMBER listed for accounting. There isn’t an e-mail listed. Nada.

So I called the JTSU to be transferred to the office, and asked the woman to please send me a copy. All she has are paper copies, and I would have to come pick them up. Possible? No, because I am about a 6-8 hour drive away.

I asked to have them mailed to me.

BUT COME ON. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? All you have to do is go onto a computer and e-mail me the PDF. That’s it. That’s all. Is that so difficult?

Anyway, the point of this story is, there is a new person on my shit list now. Not a good place to be.


2 thoughts on “I know I shouldn’t care…

  1. annie says:

    You know according to Nevada Open Meeting Law and an e-mail sent out by the chancellor, they shouldn’t take that long to respond to you and their minutes should be readily available …

    Just a thought.

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