Wrap up of what happened on Day One.

Not much.

Finished going through those newspapers, got my e-mail account, got my first story assignment, sent out a few e-mails to people I’d need to talk to the story about, went out to lunch with my boss, discussed why I want to be in journalism, went through boxes and boxes of newspapers, searched for editorial cartoons that weren’t dated and went home.

I should be making my lunch right now, but I’m not in the mood. I’ll just go to Wendy’s for lunch or something.

So today, I’ll finish going through all the boxes of newspapers, discuss with someone else on what issues are missing and type of the lists of articles people want to submit to NPA.

Did you know there’s a program known as Adobe InCopy? I didn’t. Until yesterday. It’s like Microsoft Word, but with style sheets.

These are my personal observations of newsrooms so far:

–Those sports reporters you see portrayed on TV shows? They’re not far off.
–All page designers look the same to me. And they all sit their with their headphones on while putting the pages together.
–Advertising people use PCs, reporters get Macs.
–Tech guys kinda are nerdy and believe your password is sacred.
–Reporters’ desks fall into one of the following categories: organized and neat, slightly organized, organized chaos, chaotic.
–Post-It notes are vital for reminders.
–Phone systems work the same no matter where you go.
–Everyone drinks lots and lots of coffee.
–You never truly appreciate electronic archives of your papers until you don’t have one.
–Readers are the most important thing to all the (slightly cynical) journalists who toil at their desks and phones and all around the city every day.

Also got a new cell phone yesterday and finally got rid of the other piece of crap that doesn’t get service anywhere. However, also means that I extended my contract for another two years.

And I slept for nine hours straight since I passed out within hours of getting home.

I was going to delve deeper into the meaning of journalism, but seeing as how I have to leave in 15 minutes, I’ll save that for later.


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