At work right now.

So I’ve been here for about two and a half hours now.

Greenspun has the nicest newsroom I’ve seen. Now mind you, the only other newsroom I’ve seen is the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s. But still.

So far, I’ve filled out paperwork, been given a tour, gotten my first phone call to deal with (and accidentally dropped the call while searching for the issue he asked for), learned how their archiving system works (they only have print editions) and dealt with Tech because my computer login isn’t working (currently logged in as a reporter who left the News to work for the Sun).

I’ve also browsed through the Green Valley News, the South Valley News, the Silverado News…I’m working on getting to the Summerlin News (both editions), the West Valley News, the Boulder City News and the Henderson Home News.

I’ve learned that the A&E section is the same for all the papers, as are the inside sports pages.

I won’t be doing any actual reporting and writing for a couple weeks. My first job is to help with the Nevada Press Association contest entries.

What else…I’ve met so many people that I can’t keep their names straight, I’ve already been told to stay away from the advertising department and I’ve met this former Sagebrusher that I’ve heard stories about from Amy and Annie. Oh, and informed that Starbucks is right down the street.

I should be getting back to those newspapers now…


3 thoughts on “At work right now.

  1. jessica says:

    Oh, I don’t know.
    You know how reporters are…they believe peopl in advertising have no soul. Something like that, anyway.

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